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Building value in your business

You are probably reading this because you are a business owner. You will have invested time and money in starting your new venture and no doubt you will be absorbed in the day to day running of your business, but have you ever given any thought to what’s next?

You could continue to develop your business, improve efficiency and pave the way for business growth, or you may wish to develop it so you can eventually sell your business to investors.

Do you think your business is valuable?

The definition of a valuable company is one that can run without you.

Having a valuable company will give you the freedom to choose what’s next for you. We can help you to assess how valuable your business is right now, with the proven Value Builder Systemâ„¢.

Take our Value Builder Survey

We have partnered with the creators of the unique Value Builder Systemâ„¢, so we can help you easily evaluate your business.

Some of the factors we will explore include: your likelihood to grow your business in the future, dependencies on customers, employees and suppliers, and how well your business is differentiated.

Taking the Value Builder Score will take only 10 minutes and once completed, you will immediately find out your score. If you would like any further information, why not get in touch with your local Business Doctor.

Why should you take the Value Builder Survey?

We would recommend taking the score if you are:
• Interested in selling your business
• Looking to build the value in your business

If you would like more information on this valuable tool, why not get in touch with your local Business Doctor.

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