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A successful employee engagement strategy does not happen overnight, and there is no one-size-fits-all strategy to make your employee engagement strategy come to life. Each business should tailor its plan to the needs of its employees. Business owners often wander what the key strategic element is in turning their business into a successful one.

The most crucial element in a successfully implemented business strategy is to have a committed team of employees who can proactively work together and are driven and dedicated to achieving the same essential business goals.

This can be accomplished by engaging your employees and making them part of your planned business growth by involving them in the process from start to finish. Simply announcing the business strategy to your employees and then assume that everyone will work symbiotically towards achieving it, will not succeed. By making the proposed strategy a two-way conversation and opening yourself up to feedback, you can then listen to other ideas and take into consideration the suggestions and concerns directly from your workforce. By putting your employees at the forefront of your business strategy, you can discover their actual needs and work towards proactively building your engagement strategy and apply the necessary changes around your workforce. You will come to realise how giving ownership to even the most junior roles within the company, gives a sense of responsibility and commitment to each employee and strive towards reaching the business target.

Having a team of responsible employees who are committed and ready to take ownership, leads to accountability while encourages self-regulation and improves overall employee performance. This gives the team the ability to set its own standards while working to reach the same goals. When such discipline is involved, employee under-performance is drastically minimised leading to a healthier environment with the potential to grow. It is the company’s duty to then nurture the employees by providing support, giving recognition where its due, and reward achievements and milestones for positive encouragement.How can

Business Doctors help with your employee engagement strategy

Our tailor-made employee engagement workshops promote and facilitate respect towards colleagues and encourage active listening and involvement in business-related decisions. Throughout these employee engagement workshops sessions, the employees learn how to work together to put the agreed business strategy plan into action while at the same time taking joint-responsibility for business projects and outcomes.

  • Increase in employee enthusiasm and involvement in company growth and innovation
  • Increase profitability through efficiency and clarity by engaging employees within your company
  • Improve company performance and employee productivity by ensuring an engaged employee workforce in attaining an overall common business objective
  • Retain your employees satisfied within the company while also achieving outstanding results.

What to expect during your employee engagement workshop:

  1. Business Doctors plan and organise an away-day for your employees.
  2. Tailor-made programme schedule for the whole day is designed
  3. The day kicks off with employee ice-breaking sessions aimed to tackle strategic topics in line with your company’s profile
  4. Workshops and discussions take place to motivate knowledge sharing and collaborative brainstorming
  5. Employees work together on their own suggested business strategy and action plan for the company
  6. Employees present their recommendations and voice their reasoning or concerns.

Results of engaging your employees:

  • Contributes to increased profitability and lower staff turnover
  • Improvement in employee productivity and satisfaction, contributing significantly to overall company performance
  • Employees grow both personally and professionally
  • Improves communication across all levels and advocates accountability and confidence
  • Encourages proactivity, commitment, and taking initiative
  • Unified workforce in which all employees share and work towards the same objectives and goals



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