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Sporting Events – Boost to Welsh Economy



As a nation we need to appreciate our size and in some way understand where we sit in an increasingly global market place.

That said, we have every right to be very proud of what has been accomplished over the last 20 years. It is very easy to forget some of the fantastic sporting events we have hosted and been highly recognised for around the globe.

For me the Rugby World Cup in 1999 was a springboard to showing our credentials here in Wales to being able to organise, run and accommodate major sporting occasions. That led to the investment in a fantastic new Stadium which has been significant in bringing so many different sports to Wales.

There is a very rich tapestry of accommodating some of the most significant sports on the planet. In very many ways Wales is punching above its weight in what are highly lucrative income generating sports occasions and we do need to recognise those men and women that have done so much to bring these opportunities to our country. Often its the case it can becomes far easier to attract more opportunities when you have a track record of delivering to high standards. Wales has the credibility of being able to deliver!!

With The Champions League Final now in the armoury, we are in a strong position to use our ‘portfolio’ to continue to attract more of these special events. Later this year we have cycling, sailing, iron man and many more to look forward to. Without doubt theses events will act as inspiration for our youngsters as they look to their futures.

Business owners need to make sure they are getting opportunities within the event supply chains but also a sales boost from the promotional planning they undertake on the back of significant coverage across the globe. Having a strong strategic plan in place being essential.

On an ongoing basis having a Premiership and a Championship Football side in Wales has significant impact on the consistent profile of Wales week in and week out!!