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Five Benefits of Staff Engagement

Lynne Rawlinson


Business owners that endorse staff engagement are more likely to reap the benefits that offset the upfront cost of investing in employee engagement. The adage ‘your staff are your most valuable asset’ in our opinion, is absolutely true and crucial to a business’s DNA and future growth.

Staff engagement can have many facets but in order for it to be successful it needs a progressive strategy as there is no one off fix to ensure staff are continuously happy with their role.

Behind every good staff engagement strategy there has to be a base that is formed on gaining full and open communication between the senior management team and all of the staff.

Benefits of staff engagement for your business could include:

1. Improved productivity – staff want to contribute more to the day to day activities of the business.

2. Not only does staff retention improve but when vacancies arise replacement staff are easier to attract.

3. Customers see you differently to the competition – staff that go out of their way to maximise the service/work they offer.

4. The whole team are actively involved in business development.

5. Business owners see a fun, enjoyable business culture which encourages innovation.

The route to success has to involve a clear plan that builds the levels of staff engagement over a period of time – it can take between 1 and 2 years to get the full benefits.

Employee engagement works when there is a two-way stream of commitment and communication between the business owners/managers and the staff members.