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Dare to dream.. then make it happen

Lynne Rawlinson


Understandable when times are so tough; simply surviving is enough to fully occupy the minds of most MDs with cashflow being squeezed etc.

Sounds familiar? Well, consider this: Can you lead a business without a written strategic plan when the people you employ, your customers, your suppliers and people you want to recruit need to know where the business is going?

Leading a business is a tough job. Anyone with experience in a senior role knows that you need all the help you can get. Two suggestions: (1) Get a strategy and (2) someone to help you implement it. Simple things like “Why are you in this business?”, “What is your goal” and “What do you do for your customers?” should be keys parts of a good strategic plan. And that’s before you look at markets, competitors, people etc. etc.

Yes, it is a tough job for MDs who try to work in the business and on it and the same time, without bringing in someone to help. Make it happen for your business by turning your dreams into reality.