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Htet Kyaw Khaing

Here at Business Doctors, we help businesses with those issues that are keeping them awake at night.

Whether you’re struggling to separate yourself from your business and are firmly stuck in the owner’s trap, you have issues with your employees, or you want to grow your business but don’t know where to start. We can help you!

Our hands-on, expert business support and guidance, together with various digital tools have in place, help you to address the issue you’re facing. By working with you to develop a strategy for your business best suited to your goals.

Free Business Health Check

Free Business Health Check

Our health check is ideal if you’re: A successful entrepreneur business owner Striving to achieve next level growth in turnover...

Online Value Builder Score

Online Value Builder Score

Find out how valuable your company is right now with our free Value Builder tool.

Join 55,000 business owners and get your score on the 8 Factors That Drive Your Company’s Value, a comprehensive analysis of your score and a detailed action plan for how to improve your score on each.

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About Htet Kyaw Khaing

I’m looking forward to using my skills and experiences to help SMEs in Myanmar.  If you have a business challenge and you would like some advice, please give me a call!

My motto is:

  • Learn more, think high and help people
  • Always be positive and stay humble
  • Intention First, Strategy Second
  • Synergy is Everything

A.G.T.I Civil Engineering, West Yangon Technology University
Bachelor of Arts in English, University of Distance Education, Yangon
Master of Business Administration, International Business Academy of Switzerland (IBAS)