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Business Doctors talk to the media about helping small and medium-sized businesses to grow



When the Business Doctors are not helping their clients’ small and medium-sized businesses to grow, they can often be found talking to media.

This September, Business Doctors have been quoted in The Telegraph, The Guardian, NatWest Content Live, Economia,,, Professions Practice Finance, Eastlife, Better Retailing and B2B Marketing Magazine.

Simon Monaghan, the Business Doctor for Leeds and North Yorkshire spoke to The Telegraph about how SMEs can better manage their stock levels.

He advised: ““Holding big stocks is very old school. The more you hold, the more space is required, which leads to bigger overheads. Stock really is dead money. Keep it to a minimum.”

Our Nottingham and West Linconshire Business Doctor Derek Irvine was quoted in The Guardian  about staying small or going for growth.

He said: ““Staying small is a risk in itself. Most start ups because they lack the ability to grow past this initial lifestyle stage.

“It makes sense to stay small and specialised if your company is based around repeat and referral business or if market uncertainty exposes you to price volatility.”

Shai Patel was thinking this month about groupthink and the negative impact it can have on small and medium sized companies. Our Sutton Coldfield Business Doctor told Economia â€œFamily businesses are especially vulnerable (to groupthink) because of the extra complexity of the relationships within them.

“It is a common pattern to find groupthink occurring among the younger members of cross-generational family firms. In efforts to form a united front against their parents, siblings will present a face of total agreement about every business issue in their remit. This can greatly inhibit individualism and critical thinking – characteristics that are essential if a business is to thrive.”