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Are Business owners who sleep well at night sitting on a goldmine?



If you are going to buy a big-ticket item like a car, you would check that it had an MOT, the servicing had been done and look to see how many more miles it was going to be able to do before it became costly to repair or be scrapped. Buying a business is similar, the buyer will look to see if it has audited accounts and what the future stream of profits will be. Just like buying a car, they will not expect to acquire it with the owner, as they will have their own means of driving it.

So, what is the connection between selling a business and owning a business? When you sell a business, the buyer is looking to acquire a future stream of profits, that are a reliable forecast and are not at risk of being downgraded. As a business owner, if you are not sleeping at night, it is probably because the things that would concern a buyer are the same things that are concerning you.

The sorts of concerns are:

  • Is the profit stream secure?
  • Will our customers keep buying?
  • Are suppliers going to continue to trade?
  • What happens if any of the staff leave?
  • Will we have enough cash to pay our bills?
  • What if I get hit by a bus?

Statistically, it has been proven that businesses which sell for a better price will score highly on eight defined drivers. If you are sleeping well at night, then you might well be sitting on a goldmine. Why not complete our questionnaire to find out where you could improve the sale value one day? If you are having sleepless nights, complete the questionnaire and it will help you find out which drivers need addressing and by how much. Either way, completing the questionnaire will help you work out how you could sell your business for a premium one day and in the meanwhile get your ZZZZ’s in.

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