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When I met Paul my business was in a state of flux, to say the least. I was excited and busy but hadn’t established a clear path to where I wanted to be. At an initial meeting Paul and I discussed this, he then gave me an overview of how he could help me and my business become more successful.

The next meeting took a whole day, Paul asked me lots of questions about where I was then and where I wanted to be in the future. We talked about goals, things that were really important to me and my vision for the business.

At our next meeting Paul presented me with a summary document of the initial work and it was very thorough and apparent that Paul had really understood what I wanted to achieve in my business going forward and importantly, how to go about it

We had several meetings after that where he helped me implement systems that would make running my business easier. They were invaluable and they all worked.
Twelve months on and I have doubled my turnover and increased profit by 50% and things are far easier to manage than they were before I met Paul.

Paul often calls me to check that I am still on track with my plan and offers helpful advice and gives me tips about things I hadn’t thought off. It is also a reminder to keep on looking at what I want to achieve and helps me move my business forward.