Neil Sysum – SW & A Accountants Ltd

We are extremely grateful for the work that Jason has undertaken with SW&A Accountants and our Board of Directors in his recent workshop and the continued work through his managed mastermind course. The whole process has been immensely valuable, very professional and exceeded our expectations in delivery and implementation. As business advisors, in our capacity as an Accounting firm, it was important for us to engage with someone we trusted and was truly independent in order to assist us in planning for some ambitions growth in our established team. This included bringing in our newest Directors to the plan and implementation which was something very new for them.

Jason took the time to align our understanding of values vision and purpose of the company, and to create a clear action plan with clear guidelines of how to make it a fair and balanced route to reality. He took time to specifically highlight the environment, our market, customers and competitors to give us a clear and unbiased understanding which identified opportunities for growth both internally and externally covering areas as diverse as internal pricing and value add services to external growth plans.

We are pleased to report that since working with Jason and implementing our plan, with his valuable input, that we have executed the plan twice as fast as anticipated and nearly twice as larger than planned. This has resulted in a considered acquisition, opening a second office in another location and more than doubling our workforce; nine months sooner than planned. We consider (conservatively) that this will increase our turnover by 70% and the potential to bring our model in this market to our original office could mean doubling the work force again and the volume of work this could yield would increase by £5million over the next 3 years.

We have relied on his skills in implementing our plans, tweaking them to ensure we have the right tools for the job. We fully envisage that we will continue to draw on his guidance and support as we transition into the next phase and have existing plans to bring in the management team for the second office to implement some internal planning and growth with Jason. In addition, two of the board of Directors joined the mastermind course he ran which has yielded more nuggets of useful tips, mainstream strategy and advice that we did not initially expect; again he exceeded expectations and have delivered exceptional work.

We are huge ambassadors for the work Jason does and happily recommend his skills and services to other business professionals and our own clients.