Clare Trice, Managing Director – CTCC Ltd

In January this year I had a chat with John at a networking meeting. We started talking about where my business was going as I was super busy, what I wanted to achieve long term as well as short term.

Well, that chat moved onto a discovery meeting and realised I needed support in providing a detailed business plan as it became apparent. I was stuck. Business was great! We were going from strength to strength with many amazing clients, but it was not exactly how I wanted my life to be with my business. I was working 12 hour plus days, and weekends. This was not in my plan and I needed some help!

So, we sat down, and I had to answer some questions honestly. Some more difficult when looking at yourself as well as your own business, to find out what I needed as a business owner. We worked through the process of what I wanted CTCC Solutions to grow into, really getting into the details of everything. We started on the growth plan, employed staff, gained clients. Amazing to have the focus, clarity and a plan to move CTCC forward. We were so excited. Then Covid19 hit and everything changed, everything! And for so many people.

John was such a reassuring factor during this time. Providing an emergency review to see how this will affect the business and our lives. Having meetings over zoom, and then deciding to continue with the original plan (slightly tweaked). Taking on a member of staff and growing, even in these challenging times. I felt and feel reassured that we can do this because of the advice and reassurance that John has given us. John has been a coach, mentor, business advisor and we are so proud to be working with him. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Have that chat and a cuppa – it’s so worth it!