Staff motivation

It’s a funny month, January, the first week back is always a bit interesting trying to get your head around being back into business mode after taking a bit of quality time off at home.

There’s also the potential to receive a few curveballs, particularly around people management and leadership, as it’s not unheard of for the people to throw in a couple of surprise resignations after contemplating the meaning of life over Christmas.

This is becoming an interesting challenge for all small business owners at the moment, as replacing quality people has suddenly become really difficult. So we’ve got this months newsletter and some hopefully helpful content ‘Are you struggling to motivate your workforce this year?’

Once we’ve settled back into the swing of things, we then start looking at the numbers and getting a bit frustrated about meeting our targets for Q1/2.

Although we may not like to hear this, the chances of us influencing these results in the short term are very slim. When you look at the research and the statistics, what you find is that our next quarter results aren’t determined by what we do now, they’ve been determined by the plans we put into place two years prior. And so the art of planning ahead is vitally important, and that very corporate word strategy is often alien to our normal human behaviours.

We’re not built to think long-term we are built to react to our current environment and try to make things work. So if nothing else, I’d urge you all to take stock of your business and think about taking a more long-term view and putting a strategic plan in place which in the long run will lift you out of your short term cycle of stress, missing targets, and getting frustrated about the day-to-day challenges of people operations and finance.

And guess what that’s what we do folks, so if you need help with this get in touch with your local business doctor!

Matt Levington