Ian Firth Hardware Limited

My wife and I have been discussing retirement for years, but as the owners of a successful architectural ironmongers and doorset producers, we could never find the time to plan for the future.

With Simon Monaghan’s help we developed a succession plan to ensure our retirement could confidently become a reality. We have subsequently undertaken each step of the plan, with Simon helping us all the way, to ensure a smooth transition during this period of unprecedented change.

Whilst we have by no means completed this changeover, we are now in a much clearer position. The senior management team now have strategic plan to ensure positive growth for the business, targets are in place and we will be moving forwards with every confidence of hitting and exceeding them.

Simon’s clear understanding of what was required to help Ian Firth Hardware during this tricky period was central to the success of the succession project. With his help we are able to look to the future with a greater level of clarity.