Code 56

The core mission of Code 56 is to build a team of passionate Solution Finders who eat, sleep and breathe IT so our customers can dream about IT.

The only reason I am able to communicate this so succinctly is due to the help and support from Rob at Business Doctors.

With the support from Rob I now also benefit from having a much clearer strategy on how to achieve the goals of Code 56, including the values that I absolutely must have in my employees as the company begins to grow. I’m sure every other business leader will appreciate as I do, that this is especially crucial for the early days of Code 56.

Through the approach Rob takes, and the questions he asks, it is clear that he has a passion for helping his customers by truly understanding them. It’s also crystal clear that he has a genuine personal interest in seeing them succeed in meeting their specific goals.

In the grand scheme of things, the amount of time, effort and money involved has been utterly negligible to the amount of value I have received from Rob’s support. As such, I will continue to work with Rob and I have not, and will not, hesitate in recommending Rob to other business leaders.

Owen Conti – Managing Director

Code 56