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  • Htet Myet Oo

  • T+95 9513 6892

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Htet Myet Oo is the Business Doctor for Myanmar.

Through his consultancy work with SMEs across all sectors, including engineering, manufacturing, construction, and hospitality, he uncovered a huge untapped market for business growth support throughout the country.

When he discovered that Business Doctors was successfully fulfilling this niche in other territories, he decided to bring the brand to Myanmar.

Htet Myet Oo spent his 20s working in the hotel and restaurant industry in London, England. During his decade in the UK, he gained extensive management experience, heading up a four-star hotel and working in business development for a restaurant chain.

He has completed undergraduate studies in both Myanmar and England, and is due to conclude an MBA, specialising in marketing, this year.

Alongside bringing the Business Doctors network to Myanmar and continuing his own consultancy work, Htet Myet Oo is a qualified NLP coach and owns four restaurants.

Business Doctors was established in the UK in 2004 to provide accessible management consultancy-style services to SMEs. Having helped over 10,000 businesses to grow, the company has expanded into 12 countries, including the United Arab Emirates, India, and South Africa.