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Business coach or business consultant?

Business coach or business consultant?
Business coaches and consultants provide valuable support and guidance for small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) owners, especially those wishing to take their businesses to the next level of profitability and growth.

Both have a lot to offer small companies, but many entrepreneurs and business owners are not sure which to turn to for help.

Business coach

As someone once said:

“A business coach will help you understand how and why you ride a bicycle, help you to determine what’s holding you back from riding properly, and jog along next to you as you ride.”

A business coach will inspire their clients to higher achievement by listening and allowing the client to find their own answers in a safe, supportive environment, working with the client to develop the skills they already have. They will then analyse the business and create an action plan for the client to implement.

A business coach will help you if:

  • You already have experience of running a business
  • You need some motivation
  • You need help keeping on track

Business consultant

On the other hand:

“A business consultant will explain why one bike is superior to another, teach you how to ride the bike, and, if necessary, ride the bike for you.”

Experts in business planning and strategy, business consultants are good at problem solving, and will use their skills to gauge the direction and scalability of a SME. They will also be able to help with finance, sales and marketing, staff engagement, systems, and exit planning.

A business consultant will create a plan of action to help business owners to accomplish their goals.

A business consultant will help you: 

  • To learn new business skills
  • To develop a business strategy
  • To implement processes

Of course, Business Doctors offers a blend of these two approaches, so you get the best of both worlds.

- First published by Lynne Rawlinson (Jan 23 2017) on Businessdoctors.co.uk.

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