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Engagement Multiplier

A simple way to achieve lasting engagement through employee engagement surveys

Engagement Multiplier is a program used by employers to get an honest assessment from their team and help track and increase employee engagement.

Engagement Multiplier does this by delivering a simple anonymous employee engagement survey to your team regarding the state of engagement within your company.

In order to get a true understanding of the survey and your employee engagement levels, you will be provided a customised Engagement Report based on the survey results.

This report will give you at-a-glance insights showing where your organisation is best engaged, and more importantly, where you should be focusing your attention. In addition, you will have access to your scorecard online as well as a dashboard displaying your results.

Improve staff moral

Employees who feel valued are more productive and loyal to their employers

Increase employee retention

Engaged organisations can reduce staff turnover by up to 87%

Improve efficiency

Productivity levels are 21% higher than the average company

Higher Customer Retention

Customers are happier, resulting in retention levels 10% greater than average companies

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Find out more

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