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At first it can be shocking when you begin to think about the current business structure and compare it with the kind of structure that will be needed to sustain a bigger company. All of those new systems and processes and locations and people to support can look overwhelming. 

But once you start to break things down everything will soon look quite different.  After all, getting a company from £1m to £7m turnover won't need seven times more staff or seven times more suppliers or seven times more space - or seven times more anything, in all likelihood.

Take our simple Value Builder Score and find out how 'Scalable' your business is. Whether your objective is to liberate your time, reinvest in a new venture or release family wealth. This short survey is absolutely free, confidential and will only take a few minutes of your time.  

After completing the questionnaire, you will immediately receive a Value Builder Score out of 100 along with instructions for interpreting your results. An advisor will contact you to arrange a review of your full report.  



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After completing this short survey an advisor will contact you to arrange a full, detailed review of your report 

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